Monday, September 15, 2008

Info about Madrid in Photographs

The following photographs are just a few of Madrid and were provided to this blogger and this blog entry with permission of Natacha Bolaños
Fernández. Natasha is a former participant of the Pueblo Ingles program. She lives and works in Madrid. I wish to thank Natacha for these remarkable photographs of her Madrid. More to come...

Puerta de Alcala - night scene - Architect: Francisco Sabatini

Puerta de Alcala - stands opposite of the Cibeles fountain

Museo Arqueologico Nacional (The National Archaeological Museum)

Monumento a Alfonso XII, Parque El Retiro (Monument of Alfonso XII, in Retiro Park)

Calle de la Huerta (ceramic street sign)

Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace in Retiro Park)

Calle Alcala
It's the longest street in Madrid (going from "Puerta del Sol" - "0" road point of Madrid - to "Hispanidad Avenue" near Barajas Airport; and it's also one of the oldest.

Auditorio Nacional de Musica Madrid's main concert hall

Sala Sinfonica, Auditorio Nacional de Musica

Estación de Metro (subway station)

Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace in Retiro Park)

Nuestra Señora de Correos (Main Post Office building) - night scene

Nuestra Señora de Correos (Main Post Office building)

Calle de Madrid (a street in Madrid)

Plaza Picasso

Caixa Forum Building with vertical garden

Plaza de la Cibeles - night scene
- stands opposite of Puerta de Alcala

Santiago Bernabeu (interior) - REAL MADRID home soccer field

Torre Picasso (Picasso Tower) - modern Madrid


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